akanekvrashiki - paps your face hi i hope you're having a gr9 day!! <3



This just kind of made my day.

Guys do you see this? The beauty of this?

It seems so simple: Someone just popping in your ask box and telling you to have a great day.

But guys. That. That just made my day. Like, it was just nice. Why does anon hate even exist when this is possible? When people as awesome like this- like all of us can be- can just pop in peoples’ ask boxes and tell them they ‘Hey! have a good day!’

If your life had a body I would hug it so hard right now.

And you know what? I’ve had a pretty okay day. But now? Now. Yes it is great. It is great because you are awesome.

Spread the love: You have a great day too <3 Stay amazing.

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